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Presenting - The Hustle Hive!

Sometimes you can't find what you're looking for, and as you keep looking for it, you realize that other people are probably looking for it too. And then you think that you could keep looking and waiting for someone else to create it, or you could just create it yourself.

And that's how The Hustle Hive came into existence.

There are many great teams in the Boston area, but none that are focused exclusively on getting more women involved in dirt racing. Hannah, Bridget and I come from different levels of experience (Hannah with lots, Bridget with some, and me with very little but lots of enthusiasm!) and decided if it didn't exist, we should build it. We wanted to start a team that was open and inviting to people new to racing, and to actively build a bigger women's dirt scene in Boston.

We're so excited to announce our 2017 roster of biking queen bees, many of whom are jumping into bike racing for the first time. We're honored to have four great sponsors on board, and are grateful that they were all willing to take a chance on a new team.

We're hosting monthly rides out of our title sponsor shop - Somervelo - on the last Sunday of the month for Women, Trans and/or Femme riders and we hope that you'll come join us! Check out a calendar for more info.

Below is our mission statement, and a central part of our vision for the team. We're staying on the fun side of fast, and looking forward to meeting you out there on the trail.

Buzz buzz -

Charlotte, Bridget and Hannah - co-founders of The Hustle Hive

We are a women’s dirt racing and riding team pursuing the fun side of fast. We bring together women of different skill levels who believe in our ability to learn, adapt and teach each other. We foster community in our hive and within the women’s cycling scene in Boston.

Core values:

  • Riding bikes is wicked fun.

  • Respect

  • Community

  • Encouragement

Riding bikes is wicked fun.

Bikes are a fun thing we do in our free time, so even though the competition can get serious sometimes, what we want cycling to stay fun. Team members are encouraged to structure their racing and riding in a way that brings them the most enjoyment (no training plans required!). And the team will be doing lots of riding together because what is more fun than riding to new places with pals.


As a team we value respect for ourselves and respect for others. Our team is a safe space for all and we have a zero tolerance policy for hateful or discriminatory behavior including racism, sexism, transphobia, and classism. This isn’t just a sport, we are building and sustaining connections.


For us, community is a central part of building a strong team and an inclusive cycling culture. We support our hive in one another's on-bike and off-bike pursuits. As a team, we think it’s we important to engage our wider community, so we host rides to encourage new people to come ride in an encouraging atmosphere.


We will be there, helping you ride farther, faster and better. Screaming on the sidelines while you race to the limit. We are better together. ‘Beeing’ there for one another makes The Hustle Hive thrive!

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