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The Hustle Hive

We are a mountain bike racing and riding team for women and gender-expansive cyclists who pursue the fun side of fast. We bring together cyclists of different skill levels who share a passion for mountain biking, racing, community building, and pushing our limits. While our focus is cross-country and enduro mountain biking, we also support each other in gravel, cyclocross, and bike-packing adventures. We are neither a purely racing team nor a recreational club, but rather a unique blend of bees who understand that racing and community-building are two intertwined goals.


C O R E    V A L U E S


Riding bikes is a fun thing we do in our free time, so even though the competition can sometimes get serious, we want cycling to stay fun! Team members are encouraged to structure their racing and riding in a way that brings them the most enjoyment (no training plans required!). The team will be doing lots of riding together because what is more fun than riding to new places with good pals?


As a team we value respect for ourselves and respect for others. Our team is a safe space for all and we have a zero tolerance policy for hateful or discriminatory behavior including racism, sexism, transphobia, and classism. This isn’t just a sport, we are building and sustaining connections.


For us, community is a central part of building a strong team and an inclusive cycling culture. We support our hive in one another's on-bike and off-bike pursuits. As a team, we think it’s important to engage our wider community, so we host rides to encourage new people to come ride in an encouraging atmosphere.


We will be there, helping you ride farther, faster and better. Screaming on the sidelines while you race to the limit.  We are better together.  ‘Beeing’ there for one another makes The Hustle Hive thrive!

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