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Join us the last Sunday of the month at Somervelo!

Come ride with The Hustle Hive!

We're hosting group rides for FTW (femme/trans/women) riders, leaving from Somervelo. Rides are the last Sunday of the month. Meet at 9:30am, ride at 10am. Rides will last roughly 2 hours.

We require clipless pedals, helmets, and a cyclocross or mountain bike. We're going for a healthy pace, but will adapt to whoever shows up and make sure that no one is left behind!

As we're a team focused on dirt riding, the rides will be too! Rides will be mixed terrain leading to the Fells, and depending on your comfort level we'll have guided beginner and intermediate options. 

Feel free to send us an email with questions, especially if you're new to group riding!

If you'd like email reminders, sign up here.

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