Join the Hive
What is The Hustle Hive?

We are a mountain bike racing and riding team pursuing the fun side of fast. We bring together FTW-NB (femme, trans, women and non-binary) riders of different skill levels who believe in our ability to learn, adapt, and teach each other. While our passion is mountain biking, we also support each other in gravel, cyclocross, and bike-packing adventures. Our main goal is to foster community in our hive and within the cycling scene in Boston.


What experience is required to join?

If you’re passionate about mountain biking and building community around bikes, we want to hear from you. Perhaps you have years of experience racing and want to help empower newer riders. Perhaps you are relatively new to mountain biking and are curious about racing. Perhaps you have a story we haven’t yet heard. Join us!

What are the requirements for being an active team member?

We are a racing team, but we believe that supporting your teammates and the wider FTW-NB community can take a variety of forms: leading clinics for the community, training with teammates, racing alongside them, carpooling, cheering, taking rad photographs, etc. Each year we select 3-5 events that we will prioritize as a team, and we expect that team members do their best to show up. We all have lives beyond our bikes, which makes it all the more rewarding when we can come together at the same time and place.